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My mom taught me to never go down without a fight. So, when you are cornered all of a sudden and you see very little option out of the danger, your flashlight can be your best friend. You just have to know how to use it properly.

It might not seem like a weapon, but a flashlight has the potential to save your life. Today I am going to guide you through how you can defend yourself with the help of a flashlight.

Know the Anatomy of Your Flashlight

It is always better to know everything about your flashlight. You should work out the power settings, the internal settings, the metal constructions, and so on. This will help you to plan how you can use your flashlight as a weapon.

For example, if your flashlight does not have strong power settings – flash and smash would not be the best idea. So, you should know your flashlight and study the way that it works, too.

Know the SOS Morse Code

This is an even better technique to save yourself. Learn the SOS morse code using your flashlight. It will not only save you from enemies but will also help you in unexpected situations. It might take you a bit of time to get used to the morse code, but it’s worth it.

If attacked by people, try to find a safe spot. From there, you can try to send out the morse code. However, you should be careful with it. Make sure that the attackers cannot find the source of the light. Then, you have to wait patiently until help arrives.

Be Patient and Fast

You do not have many chances to attack with a flashlight. That’s why you need to be patient even if you do manage to hide. Wait for the right moment to attack the threat. But, be very fast with the attack.

Because you do not have a lot at your disposal, you must react fast. Hide as long as you can. However, be sure to strike at the right moment with your full force.

Master Your Stroke and Technique

There are different types of strokes that you can do with an iron bar. Different people have different strong points. You should choose one that fits your physical structure. Make sure that you can hit very hard with the flashlight and with as much accuracy as possible.

Practice the stroke a few times before actually striking. It is always better to have the perfect shot because you will only get one. Make up your mind on which area you want to target and attack with your full force.

Use An Escape Mechanism and Diversion

You can use the flashlight as a decoy as well, but you must be very careful with this technique. If it doesn’t work, you might just lose the only weapon you had. If it does – you will have enough time to flee.

Light the flashlight at the right moment and look for a remote place where the source of the flashlight will not be exposed. Or, you can also throw the flashlight far from you while keeping it turned on. This has a high chance of creating a diversion and you can flee during that time.

Contrast the Setting and Smash Unexpectedly

You should change the settings of your flashlight to achieve maximum brightness. The brighter the better. But, keep it off until you feel that it’s your time to strike. Flash the light directly at the face of the attacker and smash him/her with the hard end as hard as you can.

The blinding light of the flashlight will keep him immobile for a few moments. It would be your best opportunity to attack. This flash and smash technique is a very effective one if done properly.

Get the Best Flashlight for Extra Effect

You should select the best flashlight from the market to fit your needs. You should look for great power, multiple options, sturdy body materials, and heavy structures. With these features, you will be able to defend yourself better.

Look at the overall quality of the flashlight before you buy one. Look for the versatility and the overall performance of the flashlight, as well. A good flashlight can save your life.

Transform Your Flashlight If Possible

Check if your flashlight has an aluminum construction inside. If so, you can transform your flashlight into a more effective weapon. You can take out the inner parts and fit it on top of the flashlight to make it sharper. It will help you to fight off your enemies better.

Plus, you can also take off the glass bulbs and use the pointy ends. The goal is to make the flashlight as sharp as possible before you hit your target.

Use a Combination of Multiple Things

If you have other objects at your disposal, be sure to use those as well. For example, if you have a gun with you, you can use the flashlight in a different way. You can use it to threaten the person who is attacking you with the flashlight and the gun combination.

Or, if you have many stones at your disposal then you can flash with the flashlight and smash with the stones. So, do not hesitate to make a quick combination if you have the chance to do so.


The main focus should be not to be afraid. Often, these attackers are pretty scared themselves. So, if you keep your ground and act brave, you will be able to get out of the situation. But, always remember that it is better to flee than to fight if you have the option.

I hope that you will never have to use these tricks and that you will stay away from danger. But, if you do come upon any trouble, these flashlight tricks will help you. Be brave and do not go down without a fight.

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