Advanced Shooting Techniques for Preppers

In a real-world SHTF scenario, odds are you’re not going to be shooting from one position the entire time you’re in a firefight. This is where advanced marksmanship comes into play, practicing this may very well save your life one day. In this article, I’ll go over different shooting techniques ranging from shooting while behind cover to shooting while on […]

3 Basic Rules of Gun Ownership and Safety

In 2015, nearly 500 people were killed in firearm accidents across the U.S. While the number represents a significant drop from previous years, responsible gun owners can help lower it even more. A combination of gun safety habits and appropriate storage measures can prevent tragic incidents around the home and in the woods. Here are a few ways to ensure […]

How to be a Gray Man

Living in the city, especially in densely populated areas, poses many dangers. Sad as it may seem, there will always be people willing to take down anyone to save their own skin. For them, the weak and unsuspecting people usually make easy targets. If you’re not careful, you might just be the next victim. If this mentality is already present […]

Your Home’s Basic Defenses

The world we live in is full of dangers, many of them two-legged. Protecting our homes and families from these dangers is paramount. Fortunately, most states have some version of the “castle doctrine” otherwise known as “stand your ground” on the books, allowing us the right to defend our homes, rather than having to flee if someone invades our homes. […]