Bugging In: What To Do When Bugging Out Is Not An Option

BUGGING IN VS. BUGGING OUT While general focus is on bugging out, true emergency preparedness requires you to be prepared for all eventualities—including the less exciting thought of bugging in.  In fact, bugging out should be your last option in most situations, not your primary plan.  Think about it like this—home is where the bulk of your supplies and gear are […]

Simple Bread Recipes When Camping

These are by far the easiest camp breads that you can make, and they are all delicious. Most of these recipes are for campfire cooking using Cast iron pans or a Dutch oven. The first example can also be cooked over a fire using just a green willow branch.
The French Canadian Voyageur Method of Cooking bannock without a cast iron pan:

The Top 5 Heirloom Seeds Companies

  More and more gardeners are turning to small family owned businesses to purchase heirloom variety seeds. Giant companies such as Burbee claim they do not and have never sold GMO seeds. But they do admit to purchasing a certain amount of their seeds from a Monsanto subsidiary named Seminis. The business among the big names in the seeds industry […]

Survival Uses for Trashcans

Even though we often spend money buying items that will make great additions to our preps, there are many things around the house that can be used in tough times. One of these is the simple trashcan. You might be amazed at the uses to which you can put in it, with a little ingenuity and creativity. Check out this […]

DIY Fertilizer: The Complete Guide

Fertilizer is a key component of successful gardening, and using it appropriately will result in better quality crops.  When we think of fertilizer, most of us think store-bought; rarely do we think to make it ourselves. While it’s true that the most “effective” fertilizers are manufactured using complicated chemical processes, it is interesting to note that some homemade fertilizers, if […]

5 Ways To Turn Your Garden Into A Supercharged Ecosystem

Intuitively, we all know that diversity is important in ecosystems, and yet most gardeners chug along year after year using the same few plants in the garden, as if gardens themselves are not ecosystems and somehow fall outside of the laws of nature. To be sure, many gardens do not resemble healthy ecosystems (think of a forest compared to a typical vegetable […]

Apartment Homesteading for Preppers

There are many things to worry about when you have your mind set on preparing for the worst of outcomes. One of these problems is providing food for yourself when the SHTF, and that only compounds on itself when you live in the city. Undoubtedly there are advantages to living in a city, but how can you have a successful homestead in a city? To be even more specific – Is it even possible in an apartment?