Herbs You Should Be Growing Now

If you don’t yet have a medicinal herb garden, perhaps now is the time to consider starting one. Having not only a living but a renewable source of holistic medicine on hand for your family is only one of the benefits of growing medicinal herbs. There’s no reason to wait either, even if you are in the grips of the […]

50 Ways to Prepare Your Homestead for SHTF

The truth is although you may get some advanced warning of an SHTF situation, no one will predict it with absolute certainty. There are however some predicted behaviors and events that experts can predict may happen leading up to the chaos and afterward. These predicted behavior patterns are important to understand for anyone who is trying to protect their family […]

Advanced Shooting Techniques for Preppers

In a real-world SHTF scenario, odds are you’re not going to be shooting from one position the entire time you’re in a firefight. This is where advanced marksmanship comes into play, practicing this may very well save your life one day. In this article, I’ll go over different shooting techniques ranging from shooting while behind cover to shooting while on […]

How to Mount a Rifle Scope for Long Range Shooting

Since it’s a miscellaneous process, everything to do with proper mounting is critical to long-range bull’s eye aiming. You need to know how to level the scope. If the crosshairs are not in the right working order, the connection can mislead you to impact at 200 yards after setting for 100 yards. With that, it means there you are more prone to errors when you aim further than 500 yards.

Nuclear Survival: The Best Gas Masks for Nuclear & Chemical Fallout

Nuclear survival is about knowledge, skills and the right equipment. A gas mask and protective gear will provide you with complete protection if you are in a contaminated area, whether it is caused by a nuclear attack, radiation leak, biological weapon or chemical attack. Knowing what to use and what to do when a bomb drops is crucial to ensuring your survival during, and after, a nuclear attack.

Body Armor, Preparation And Survival

Surviving is all about preparation. Adequate preparation covers self-defense, resource management, first aid, and a number of other skill sets. Keeping yourself safe is of the utmost importance when the situation changes and this starts with easily accessible products, such as body armor. Body armor comes in many shapes and types, but you should have a good understanding of what it […]